for men

At WBC there are various events organised throughout the year with men in mind eg. movies, weekend away, breakfasts.

Bible Study

Mondays 1:30pm

A time of discussion with a focus on reflecting on what was learnt from the weekend’s sermon, supporting each other in life and getting together to work on practical projects.

Ten Pin Bowling

Thursdays 9am @ Northern Ten Pin Bowling

A social gathering for men.

Boot Camp

Thursday nights in month of August

This is an opportunity for men of the Northern Illawarra to get together to be challenged spiritually about begin men, husbands and fathers.


Saturdays April to September

Players aged 16 and over compete in the Church Soccer Association.

for women


Various events are held throughout the year. These events are organised for us to embrace fun, others and our spiritual journey.


A 2 day women’s retreat at Lake Berringer. Time is given to ‘feed’ our bodies, minds and souls.

Bible Study

Mondays 9:30am

A time for women to connect over a cuppa, prayer, worship and studying the bible. Also approximately twice per term this group meet for “Abundant Table” – a time together to chop ingredients and cook things such as chutneys, pickles and jams.


Fridays 10am at WBC Hall

This is a social outlet for those women with an interest in the arts/crafts. A variety of crafts available, including card making, patchwork, knitting, embroidering, crocheting.

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