We offer many opportunities for young ones to learn and grow! Make sure to check out the calendar for upcoming event dates.

children's ministry

Children and adults all meet together on a Sunday morning at 10am at the church service. The kids make themselves comfortable in anyway they choose for a few songs before they go off to do what kids do.

As a community that values children, we are guided by them regarding what they enjoy and how they engage most effectively with God and each other.

We listen to their ideas and suggestions and have concluded that experience, learning and community are very important to them. With this in mind, our children’s ministry is one that values learning from each other rather than simply being taught by an adult.

We value experience based activities where kids can engage with their surroundings and work out what God means to them. We also see the value in just spending time with each other, catching up over a board game or a sports activity or even just hanging out to watch a movie.

Feel free to catch up with Ange, Melissa or Nigel if you’d like to know more.


Playtime meets every Wednesday and Thursday during school term between 9:30-11:30am.

This fun and relaxed get-together is for babies to Pre-Schoolers and their mums/dads in the back hall of the church.

It costs $2 for the first child or $3 per family. Just pack a light morning tea for your children as morning tea is provided for the adults.

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