God’s Guidance

  • Recognising that the Father has a plan and purpose for us which brings life in all its fullness
  • Following the teaching of Jesus and the Bible
  • Being lead by the Holy Spirit

People and Relationship

  • Acknowledging God’s desire for people in relationship with Him
  • Encouraging and enabling all people to encounter God in this relationship with Him
  • Striving for healthy relationships with each other

Empowering ALL People

  • Releasing them to be all they can be in Christ
  • Encouraging them to discover and use their God given gifts, skills, abilities and talents
  • Valuing the ministry of every person

Youth and Children

  • Recognising them as an integral part of the community
  • Showing them what it means to be followers of Jesus
  • Allowing relevant space for them to encounter God

Worshipping God

  • Exploring various expressions of worship as we gather together as believers

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